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B.Sc.,  Mechanical Engineering, 1999 

M.Sc., Aerospace Engineering (Specially in CFD & Rotor Aerodynamics), 2002

PhD,   Aerospace Engineering (Specially in Computational Fluid Dynamics), 2009


Research Interests

Reduced Order Modeling of Dynamical Systems based on POD and Related Methods

Application of Reduced Order Models in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Problems

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer and Aeroacoustics

Rotor Aerodynamics (Rotorcrafts and Wind Turbines)

Turbulent Flow and Turbulence Modeling

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (Air Pollution Modeling, Air Cleaning Systems Simulation and etc.)

Fluid Flow Control

Fluid-Structure Interaction


Job Experiences

Educational & Research Deputy Director of School of Engineering, September 2014-Now

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, 2011-2014

Head of Thermal-Fluid, Aerospace Eng. Committe, Department of Mechanical Engineering, July 2014-Now

Professional Affiliations

Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)

Iranian Aerospace Society (

Iranian Society of Solar Energy

Iranian Society of Aerospace Propulsion

Physical Society of Iran

American Helicopter Society

Teaching Experience

Fluid Mechanics I, Department of Mechanical Eng. 

Fluid Mechanics II, Department of Mechanical Eng.

Gas Dynamics, Department of Mechanical Eng.

Aerodynamics, Department of Mechanical Eng.

Advanced Mathematics, Department of Civil Eng.

Numerical Computations, Department of Mechanical Eng.

Introduction to CFD, Department of Mechanical Eng.

Graduate Students

Morteza Marvi, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2011-2013 (Graduated ), With cooperation Prof. Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni

Milad Najafbeygi, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Tehran, 2012-2013(Graduated), With cooperation Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sabur

Mahdi Hashemi, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Qom, 2015 (Graduated), With cooperation Dr. Ehsan Jabari

Ahmad Ghaedi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Azad University of NajafAbad, 2017 (in Progress)

A. Ahmadi, , Department of Civil Engineering, University of Qom, 2016 (Graduated), With cooperation Dr. Taher Rajaei

Mrs. Zahedi, , Department of Civil Engineering, University of Qom, 2017 (In Progress), With cooperation
Dr. Ehsan Jabari


Personal Information
Contant Information
Assistant Professor of
Mechanical Engineering
 School of Engineering, No. 15 Building
University of Qom,
Qadir Blvd, Qom, Iran
Phone : 0098-25-3210-3532


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