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Reza Moazzemi

Assistant Professor of Particle Physics
PHD 2010, Shahid Beheshti University/Tehran

Physics Department, Shahid Beheshti Building ,
               University of Qom  
               Qom, Iran  
phone: +98 (25) 3210 3072)
mobile: +98 935 2592918
email: r.moazzemi@qom.ac.ir
Research interests:
I am interested in quantum field theory and theoretical aspects in QCD and heavy flavor physics such as CP violation and nutrino physice. My current interests include, renormalization in non-trivial background or  non-trivial (position dependent) condition, NLO radiatiative correction to the mass of solitons and Casimir energy  .

Biographical Sketch
I joined physics department of the University of Qom as an assistand professor in February 2010. I received my B.S. in physics in 2003 from Imam Khomeini Internatinal Univercity (IKIU), Ghazvin, Iran and my (M.S.) Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics in (2006) 2010 from Shahid Beheshti University under supervision of Dr. Siamak S. Gousheh. I spent my Ph.D. sabbatical leave in LHCb group of Heidelberg University in Germany under supervision of Prof. Ulrish Uwer.

Modern Physics, Spring 2010,         Spring 2011
Physics II, (Mathematics Group)      Spring 2010
Physics III,                                    Fall 2010
Particle Physics,                             Fall 2010
Physics II (Mathematics Group)       Spring 2011
Analytical Mechanics I&II                Fall 2011          Spring 2012
Quantum Field Theory II,                Fall 2011,         Fall 2012           Fall 2013
Quantum Field Theory I,                 Spring  2012     Spring  2013
Statistical Mechanics,                      Spring 2013
  Calculus I, Fall 2013

Quantum Mechanics I,                     Fall 2014
 Advanced Quantum Mechanics I       Fall 2015


Hosein Bagheri, Mohammadmahdi Ettefaghi, R. M

On the difference of time-integrated CP asymmetries in D 0→ K+ K− and D 0→ π+ π− decays: Unparticle physics contribution

Physics Letters B, 771 (2017) 309


Mohammadmahdi EttefaghiR. M.
Analyzing of singlet fermionic dark matter via the updated direct detection data
The European Physical Journal C 77 (2017) 343


Mohammadmahdi EttefaghiR. M., Mohsen Rousta

Constraining unparticle physics from CP violation in Cabibbo-favored decays of D mesons

Physical Review D, 95 (2017) 095027



Z. BagherianM.M. EttefaghiZ. Haghgouyan and R. M.
A new parameter space study of the singlet fermionic cold dark matter model,
JCAP 10 (2014) 033,


 M.M.Ettefaghi, and R. M.
Annihilation of singlet fermionic dark matter into two photons,
JCAP 02 (2013) 048,

S.S. GoushehA. MohammadiM. Asghari, R. M. and F. Charmchi
The radiative corrections to the mass of the kink using an alternative Renormalization Program, 
JHEP 07 (2012) 060, arXiv:1205.2775


 A. Mojavezi, and R. M. 

One-Loop radiative corrections to the QED Casimir energy,


 R. Layeghnejad, M. Zare, and R. M.

Dirac particle in a spherical scalar potential well,
Phys. Rev. D 84 125026 (2011).
S.S. Gousheh, R. M., and M.A. Valuyan
Radiative correction to the Dirichlet Casimir energy for $\lambda\phi^{4}$ Theory in Two Spatial Dimensions
Phys. Lett. B681 ,(2009)  77


R. M., and S.S. Gousheh
A new renormalization approach to the Dirichlet Casimir effect for  theory in (1+1) dimensions
Phys. Lett. B658 (2008) 255-265


R. M., Abdollah Mohammadi, and S.S. Gousheh 
A Renormalized perturbation theory for problems with nontrivial boundary conditions or backgrounds in two space-time dimensions, 
Eur. Phys. J. C56 585-590 (2008),


M.A. Valuyan,  R. M., S.S. Gousheh
A Direct Approach to the Electromagnetic Casimir Energy in a Rectangular Waveguide,
 J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41 145502 (2008),  

R. M., M. Namdar, and S.S. Gousheh,
The Dirichlet Casimir effect for $\phi^4$ theory in (3+1) dimensions: A new renormalization approach ,
JHEP 09 (2007) 029,



Personal Information

Persian Language

Nationality: Iranian
Department: Physics
Academic Rank:
Fax: 98-251-2854972


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